Holly Village

Surrealistic views of Saintes, a small Belgian village not far from Brussels.

A place that owns its own tale. A tale that began a summer day of hard labour.

Field workers began to complain about drought effects and their dehydration in the middle of their duty.

Hearing their sufferings, Renelde, a character of the village, reacted by planting the handle of her rake in the ground.

Water sprang to everybody’s thirstiness and satisfaction.

No longer after this event, Renelde and her two stalwarts have been cruelly killed by the ‘Hunts’ in year 680.


Renelde became a Saint, and gave her name to the village of « Saint Renelde ».


The water keeps springing and people believe in its curative ophthalmologic proposes.






Lettre à mon  moulin,… 

Loin de Victor Hugo, mais bien moins de Magritte,
D’un trait sur-réaliste, voilà le phare de notre campagne,
Un hymne aux éléments, il a perdu la mesure du vent,
Mais il ne se privera pas de souffler, à qui l’aurait oublié;
Qu’ils sont beaux nos vallons, 
qu’elles sont fertiles nos collines,
qu’ils sont profonds nos sillons,
que mon âme reste pristine.



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