25 Abril – A new freedom

The 25 of Abril, a date engraved in history of Portugal.

A day of a new freedom. 1974: Salazar is pushed out. A dictatorship time is over. Time for carnation’s revolution to flourish!

For annual celebration, a great parade occurs on the main central avenue – so called the ‘avenida da liberdade’-.

When olders live again with ‘saudade’ emotions of a new liberty into deep patriotic hymns, the main parade claim their suction for a new freedom.

A freedom for economical austerity and troika pressures on the country is now giving place to new history.




Historical, political, economical…and cultural.

Cantadeiras (traditional singers) from Alentejo province were there to remember us the great taste of tradition and detail it with their amazing traditional dresses.




























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